For me, the labels represent recognition of my work by tourism professionals. My customers are in the best position to testify to the quality of their stays, while tourism experts are the best qualified to assess efforts that are not always visible: the quality of materials and equipment, environmental initiatives, commitment to promoting the area and its inhabitants, and knowledge of the region.

Meublé de Tourisme - 5 stars

Our 5-star meublés de tourisme offer an incomparable level of comfort and refinement. These exceptional accommodations are carefully selected to meet the highest standards. Every detail has been thought of to offer you a luxurious and memorable stay, with modern facilities, elegant design and attentive service. You can expect sumptuous interiors, state-of-the-art facilities and a welcoming atmosphere that will envelop you in comfort.
Grand Carcassonne Tourism Ambassador Trophy

1st Tourism Ambassador for Greater Carcassonne

In 2020, I had the great honor of winning the prestigious title of Tourism Ambassador for Greater Carcassonne! I was deeply touched by this recognition from industry professionals. For me, this award embodies my passion for showcasing all the wonders of our region (and there are countless of them!!), as well as my belief in the importance of collaboration between the various players in the Aude. My involvement in the Coeur d'Occitanie project testifies to my desire to offer you a destination that is better connected, better organized and even more welcoming.

Gîtes de France - 5 épis

The Gîtes de France label occupies a special place among my favorite labels. It is rooted in my family tradition, my grandparents having been affiliated to it over 40 years ago. For me, this label embodies authenticity, a warm welcome in a rural environment, and undeniable high standards of quality. So you can understand why it was so important to me to obtain the maximum classification of 5 "épis" (ears of corn). By choosing this recognized label, I also strive to contribute to its evolution towards new standards in decoration and prestige.

Cercle Prestige de l'Occitanie

The Cercle Prestige de l'Occitanie is probably the lesser-known label, but also the most stimulating for me! To have the opportunity to join the most prestigious tourist sites and accommodations in this magnificent region of Occitanie is an honor. It's a guarantee that L'écrin de la Cité is committed to excellence and offers you an exceptional vacation setting.

Vignobles et Découvertes

This prestigious label guarantees total immersion in the region's world of wine. As you stroll along the paths lined with vines as far as the eye can see, you'll marvel at the beauty of the landscape and the richness of the winegrowing culture that has reigned here for centuries.

The vineyards of the Aude are renowned for their diversity and the exceptional quality of their wines. The "Vignobles et Découvertes" label in Grand Carcassonne offers you the chance to enjoy unique wine-related experiences. Whether it's a bike ride through the vineyards, a picnic in the heart of the vines or a guided wine tasting, every moment will be marked by conviviality and sharing.